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If you would like to discover key strategies for scaling your growth during the next 12 months by between 20% and 100% you can apply for one of free founders Roundtable mentoring session. We have a very limited number of spaces per week available but are always happy to see if it will be of value for you.

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We run regular masterclasses for free, run by one of our top mentors, who are themselves already running successful coaching, mentoring, and training businesses, where they are sharing 5.0 strategies on how to grow your coaching business to a $100,000 education business within the next 6-12 months, that is generating a $1,000,000 impact on the planet.

Each quarter, we run free 5-day Challenges that are designed to really help you focus on your coaching, mentoring and training business.

We also have a quarterly Entrepreneur Summit, where you can learn the latest skills and techniques to keep ahead of the Digital Decade. Successful entrepreneurs, educators, trainers and faculty members share their expertise with our partners.

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Great resources for our 5.0 Educators

In the library you will find resources and previously recorded masterclasses and live coaching sessions that are great for keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends, technologies and learning for growth. Click to the library to browse the last few months of information specifically for Digital Educators.

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Meet the Scale Up Entrepreneurs Team

We are all here to connect, support, help and also learn ourselves. Feel free to connect with any of the team here and do engage with them on the posts you see and like! Feel free to tag them if you have any questions or direct message them on GeniusU too.

Michelle Clarke
Chief Partnerships Officer
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Michelle is the Chief Partnerships Officer and Director for Genius Group. A Supporter profile who has been mentoring coaches/trainers/educators and mentors to run successful, high impact, profitable promotions for over 10 years now. Her ability to spot a gap in the market and know instinctively what the customers are wanting, has enabled her to set up and run campaigns resulting in multi millions of dollars over the years, alongside helping partners of Genius Group to also run multi million dollar businesses. Michelle will help you get super clear on your customers needs and how to create a really compelling promotion using your products and services.

Donna Izobella
Head of Mentoring GeniusU
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Donna is the Head of Mentoring for GeniusU. A Creator Profile, Donna has mentored thousands of Entrepreneurs from a diverse range of industries, to generate multi million dollar plans and then supported them to execute on the delivery with clarity and vision. Her ability to quickly and decisively spot the real problem and generate a real solution ensures you will leave with a clear plan and direction on the best next steps to grow your business.

Michelle Nolting
Partnerships Manager
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Michelle is a Mechanic profile and is the Partnerships Manager within the Genius Group. She has over 15 years of experience in coaching, mentoring and personal development. Her strength is assisting the partners in finding the best solutions for them, their business and assisting them in using the GeniusU platform to enhance their businesses. She is super excited to guide you through the next steps in your entrepreneurial journey.

V.Lynn Hawkins
Scale Up Entrepreneurs Community Manager
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V.Lynn is the Scale Up Entrepreneurs Community Manager. She is a Mechanic profile with over 30 years of experience in coaching, mentoring and developing high-performance teams creating multi-million dollar revenue streams, as well as creating and implementing visibility & impact strategies for grassroots crowdfunding campaigns. VLynn is excited to provide community support so you get the most out of your journey with GeniusU.

Meet some of the
“Genius 5.0 Scale Up Entrepreneurs”

Scale Up Entrepreneurs Shine Award Nominee: Deb and Jeremy Harris

Comfort Zone
Both Jeremy and Debs business offer a targeted range of strategic financial consulting services and team training to help grow people's business. Part of a very traditional business for 25 years, they had this idea as a "side hustle" that grew tremendously in the last 12 months. Just when they decided to take their business to the next level, Covid hit...

Next level
By applying a new Pivot Plan and implementing a new structure they were able to rapidly change their business in 6 months. They remodeled their practice and scaled quickly. Helping one client who achieved 16K in April to make 134K in April, along the way.


April/May doubled revenue.
300% return in investments.
50%-60% growth in clientele.

Scale Up Entrepreneurs Shine Award Nominee: Complete Learning, NZ

Beryl Oldham led her company in year on year growth by learning to think bigger.

Fraudulent Entrepreneur
Beryl never thought of herself as an entrepreneur and always thought she was a ‘fraud’ who hadn’t earned the right to play a bigger game. She was looking for a mentor and peers she could learn and grow with. The insights and continuous learning experience lifted her confidence and focus, on achieving bigger results.

Trusted Leadership
An accumulator profile Beryl and most comfortable behind the scenes, she took on Roger’s guidance on how to refine a pitch to high level clients. Securing top deals and attracting quality team as a result. She is now recognized as a trusted leader in the LMS space in NZ and internationally.

Results (full year ending May):

2017 Revenue: $970k.
2018 Revenue: $1.2m (25% increase).
2019 Revenue: $1.8m, (50% increase).
2020 Revenue: $2.4m, (33% increase).

Scale Up Entrepreneurs Shine Award Nominee: Moira Ni Ghallachoir

A Sudden Change of Pace
Moira was speaking at live events all over the world, and helping other entrepreneurs do the same grow their businesses worldwide. And had grown her mentoring business from 10k in debt to closing 500k in sales her third year from speaking. Challenges, had reached a plateau, boredom, had no team, possible burnout and was bored of her business model. Then Covid hit. She lost all her live speaking gigs, retreats and in-person events overnight.

Amazing Turnaround
Pivoted her entire business online, hired a lawyer and turned one of her live events into a licensed business model with global impact within 6 weeks. Was able to create a facilitator program that added additional revenue streams. Created a business in a box with added impact level to help women. In third world, countries start and grow their own businesses. Acquired a new audience.


Added 12 facilitators in 6 different countries.
Maintained monthly revenue of 30-40K growing.
Extended lifetime value of client's journey by 20%.

Scale Up Entrepreneurs Shine Award Nominee: Business Energetics and Creator of the Authentic Expression test, USA

Anne Tucker is the creator of Business Energetics and the Authentic Expression test, transmitter of the Nine Angelic Frequencies Series, and a channel for angelic wisdom.

Model off a proven template
Anne’s journey has been a direct result of her commitment to both hers and her clients success. She was searching for a mentor and model that would allow her to do what she loves and create wealth for her and others. With the combination of her talents and passion for business linked with a spiritual approach and a model that works she now has 90-day promotion plans guiding her results, making changes as required.

Trusted Leadership
An creator profile Anne is most comfortable as a visionary in product creation, she took on Roger’s guidance on structuring her product pathway to provide ultimate value to her avatar. As a result of this she now has 60 people enrolled in her current challenge.

Results (full year ending May):

2019 Monthly Revenue: $0 (startup).
2020 Monthly Revenue: $13,500 and growing.
5 day challenge in August generated 19 calls and 17 sales = $56.

Scale Up Entrepreneurs Shine Award Nominee: Chad Pope

Clear Goals
Chad is passionate about financial freedom and legacy planning. He, along with his business partner Andrew Mobsby, who has been advising in this space for over 20 years created a new Startup company called CashBox. Cashbox carefully selects income protected products for clients that offer certainty of return on their investment, in a highly uncertain time.

“Parachute” Action Plan
Having been a Crystal Circle member since 2018, it’s through the guidance of Roger and his coaching team they learned how to team up with the right partners to collaborate with, enabling them to “parachute” into a network of ideal clients, and ultimately purveying a new investment product, closing 6 million dollars in investments in just 9 months.


Zero to 6 million in investment funds in 9 months.
Engaged partnerships and key person referrals.

Founders Roundtable Mentoring Session

Are you looking for even faster, even smarter ways to 10x your growth in the next 12 months?

Prepare your business for the next 12 months and the start of the digital decade, with a plan to 10x your growth.

10X your business growth in the next 1-3 years, with a powerful, personalised pathway and strategy, that will enable you to not just survive but positively thrive the coming recession and digital decade.

If you are looking to accelerate your growth by having some personal mentoring on your business, then you can apply to have a space on our super popular “Founders Roundtable” Mentoring sessions.

These are strictly limited as we have 2 of our top mentors who run these sessions in addition to running their own multi million dollar businesses. The session is free of charge but please don’t book just because its free! Book if you are serious about your business growth and you are looking for the next best steps to take.

All of our mentors are practitioners, in that they know the components required to really help you build your business.

We physically can’t book everyone who requests a Founders Roundtable session a place but we aim to ensure there are at least 12 places available per week for the right business owners.

Click here to apply for a Founders Roundtable Mentoring Session.

What is a Founders Roundtable mentoring session?

2020 was a challenging year for Entrepreneurs. Most of us have had to do business radically differently and we can see that this “new” way of doing business is here to stay. The coming digital decade and recession brings with it even greater challenges for business owners.

The businesses that will not just survive but positively thrive and grow during the next 12 months and coming decade, will be the ones that have set themselves up with a very different design and engine to support the coming waves. This means not just moving your offline content to online, but creating a whole new model for growth and sustainability.

During this super high value 90 minute live and online Roundtable Mentoring, with 3 other high level entrepreneurs you will get the opportunity to design, reset, rethink, reimagine and recreate your business.

We will show you how to make your business both future and recession proof, whilst allowing it to at least double in size in the next 12 months.

Personally facilitated by one of our top mentors, each of whom have built multi million dollar businesses and grown businesses during the crisis, this intensive session is a sure fire way to set yourself up for a really successful 2021 and beyond!

5 reasons to book a Founders Roundtable Mentoring session now


Generate a recession proof plan that will allow you to double your growth in 2021 with a fully digital model in the next 12 months.


Discover the best way for you to build a $100,000,000 business in the next 1-3 years.


Understand why some of the fastest growing multi-million dollar companies today that were not around a few years ago, have grown so rapidly.


Join a fast-growing community of 2500 high level entrepreneur leaders who are connecting together to share resources, funding, team and investments from all around the world.


Get free access to our best digital business training programmes that are helping entrepreneurs to generate $100,000+ per month in new revenues online.

Click here to apply to join Founders Roundtable Mentoring Session.

One of our expert Genius Igniters will have a discussion with you as to where the best fit is for your coaching, mentoring or training business and how we can help you on your educational journey.

Programmes we run for Scale Up Entrepreneurs looking to take the next steps

Here are some of the programmes and mentoring we offer for Future Ready Founders who are looking to accelerate their growth. If you are interested to find out more about any of these programmes or how we can help you to scale your business, contact Yvette Sholdas our Genius Igniter Team Manager to arrange a free, no obligation conversation, or you can apply join a free Founders Roundtable session here.

Genius Accelerator Programme

October 1st to December 17th 2021

The Genius Accelerator programme takes both you and your business digital, generating you between $40,000 and $100,000 of cash flow within just 12 weeks.

The 12 week Accelerator is a very practical, hands on programme, where you will define, plan, launch and fill the places for your promotion, using proven strategies that have been used in GeniusU and across Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts for the past 10 years.

Click here to find out more about this program.

Wealth Dynamics Masters

October 3rd to 9th Bali

Wealth Dynamics Masters is designed to reset, rethink, reimagine and recreate your business, this programme will show you how to make your business both future and recession proof, whilst allowing it to at least double in size in the next 12 months.

Personally facilitated by Roger James Hamilton and supported by 4 leading mentors, each of whom have built multi million dollar businesses and grown businesses during the crisis, this programme is the best way to set yourself up for a really successful 2021 and beyond!

Click here to find out more about this program.

Crystal Circle Mentoring Programme

The Crystal Circle Mentoring team, led by Roger Hamilton together with Donna Izobella, has built over $500 million in enterprise value over the last ten years through the companies on the Crystal Circle mentoring program.

When you join Crystal Circle, following a successful application you will receive a personal planning session, a full suite of agile leadership tools and a system to follow, a quarterly review, annual review and monthly meets to give you guidance and direction, ensuring you stay on track as your annual plan evolves.

Partnerships with Genius Group

If you are interested in joining our free Partnerships Community, click here.

If you would like to co create content with us, grow a local community with us, or arrange to partner with us directly in some other way, you can message Michelle Nolting our Partnerships Manager to arrange a free, no obligation conversation.

If you have any questions about the Founders Roundtable mentoring, you can book a call first to see if its right for you.

Our circle guidelines

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