VIP Masterclass Series #4 :
Profit Plan for Success

How to measure what matters and
identify your cash flow red flags

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Tuesday, 6th October 2020

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The recession is much worse than the IMF expected and the hit to jobs 'catastrophic' - CNN, 25 June 2020

The headline above is one of many in the news. People are waking up to how big and disruptive the coming economic crisis is going to be. Are you ready for it? Already with the first wave, companies that are not yet fully agile, digital and global have realised they need to be.

The shift is as big as the shift from horse to car, where the skills needed to redesign the products and revenues to the new digital model aren’t easy to find. But they need to be found fast. And implemented now.

Join an exclusive group of our top clients from around the world on this free training session, where Sandra Morrell, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Genius Group, will take a step-by-step walk through the model that you need to implement to succeed.

Genius Group has been helping over 1.2 million entrepreneurs from over 200 countries to rapidly pivot to a realistic, sustainable, growth model within a matter of months.

Join Sandra Morrell, Chief Operations Officer for Genius Group, to discover how to measure what matters and identify your cash flow red flags, on this exclusive VIP Masterclass on Tuesday 6th October.

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What Sandra will cover during
the 60 minute free masterclass

The Genius Group Finance team, led by Sandra Morrell, has built an agile financial tracking system that has built Genius Group into a $100m+ group of companies now planning for an IPO on NYSE American.

During the crisis Sandra, led the same team to reduce costs by 53% and free up cash for the Genius Group and some of our top clients, using the same strategies and tips she will be sharing on this session.

In this masterclass, Sandra will cover

  1. How to leverage your time effectively by focussing on the right things

  2. Green level thinking, and how to measure what matters

  3. Identifying your cashflow red flags before the lack of cash flow stops your business

  4. How to pivot to profit in a crisis

There is a growing group of our clients and partners around the world where the crisis has already ended for them. They have a new plan and revenue streams that are not recovery-dependent. Join them in understanding exactly what strategies are working and how these same strategies will not just deliver you success now, but for the digital decade ahead.



Tuesday 6th October 2020
9am UK / 4pm SGT / 6pm AEST



The Masterclass will take place online, which
means you can watch from the
comfort of your home.

This training is for
you if you are:

  1. For owners of companies from startup to $500,000 in revenues, who are focused at growing their customer base and their team.

  2. For owners of companies from $500,000 to $2.5m in revenues, who are managing larger teams and seeking solutions that scale.

  3. For company owners and investors managing portfolios generating between $2.5m and $250m, looking for fast growth.


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Genius Solutions VIP Masterclass Series 2020:
The fourth in a four part series

This Masterclass is the fourth in a four part series with the Genius Groups Leadership team on Genius Solutions for Growth weekly on Tuesdays. When you register for this episode, we will give you immediate access to previous masterclasses, and an invitation to the live viewing of this Episode Four. These four episodes will give you the examples, the steps and the future trends you need to ensure you turn this crisis into “the opportunity of the century”

Masterclass 1

Generate an additional $25,000 per month in Remote Sales

Masterclass 2

Decisive leadership: how to shift you and your team from uncertainty to growth mode.

Masterclass 3

Digital Marketing trends during crisis & beyond

Masterclass 4

Profit Plan for Success

Anthony D'Souza

Jo Formosa

Michael Dong


“It has been a very tough year, with many challenges coming our way.

And sometimes we get overwhelmed in the chaos.

The weekly call with Sandra has helped me to stay grounded and focused on the tasks at hand.

Every week Sandra comes with great input on how to move forward.

A small business owner is usually involved in many aspects of the business.

But it does not mean you have to be constantly working on everything at the same time.

Sandra has been fantastic in pointing this out and giving guidelines on how to run a well-organized business.”

Rik Spruyt, Thailand

Super helpful info explained in crystal clear manner with generosity of spirit. Thanks for slide downloads. Looking forward to booking a call with your brilliant minded team

Catherine Coombes, NZ


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About Sandra Morrell

Sandra Morrell’s experience as a successful business owner along with a career as a professional Presenter, Mentor and Educator has created a strong foundation for her current role as co-founder, Chief Operations Officer and Director at Entrepreneur Resorts & Beach Clubs (Seychelles) and Non Executive Director for the Genius Group Ltd (Singapore).

With over 30 years experience in owning, starting, selling, building and purchasing Businesses. Including a home based Agricultural business which Sandra built from ground zero to a $6.5 million dollar success along with a Ready mix Concrete business which she co-founded and built from scratch turning over $1m within 3 months of operation to successfully marketing and networking to raise the capital needed to list Entrepreneur Resorts Ltd as a publicly listed company on the Seychelles stock exchange (IPO).

She has now personally worked with hundreds of Businesses both in Australia and Internationally, thousands of individuals, and many multi million dollar corporations in a strategic consulting, mentoring and educating role and is still a successful Business owner. Sandra’s ‘hands on’ practical knowledge is enhanced by having over 14 years experience in Business Banking (NAB), Finance, Accounting, Leadership, Commercial Lending and Sales/Service.

VIP Masterclass Series #4 :
Profit Plan for Success

How to measure what matters and
identify your cash flow red flags

FREE 60 minute “How to” Masterclass on
Tuesday, 6th October 2020

9am UK / 4pm SGT / 6pm AEST