Scale Up Entrepreneurs Founders Round Table

Prepare your business for the next 12 months and the digital decade, with a clear plan for 20-100% growth

Create a plan giving you between 20 and 100% growth over the next 12 months allowing you to scale your business and positively thrive, in the coming recession and digital decade.

This invitation is strictly limited to Scale up Entrepreneurs

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The number of sessions are limited, due to the availability of our key mentors to run these sessions. From previous experience we know these places fill extremely quickly and are very popular.

What is the Founders
Roundtable Mentoring Session?

2020 was a challenging year for Entrepreneurs. Most of us have had to do business radically differently and we can see that this “new” way of doing business is here to stay. The coming digital decade and recession brings with it even greater challenges for business owners.

The businesses that will not just survive but positively thrive and grow during the next 12 months and coming decade, will be the ones that have set themselves up with a very different design and engine to support the coming waves. This means not just moving your offline content to online but creating a whole new model for growth and sustainability.

During this super high value 90 minute live and online Roundtable Mentoring, with 3 other high level entrepreneurs you will get the opportunity to design, reset, rethink, reimagine and recreate your business.

We will show you how to make your business both future and recession proof, whilst allowing it to grow between 20 and 100% in the next 12 months.

Personally facilitated by one of our top mentors, each of whom have built multi million dollar businesses and grown businesses during the crisis, this intensive session is a sure fire way to set yourself up for a really successful 2021 and beyond!

5 reasons to book a Founders
Roundtable Mentoring session now


Generate a recession proof plan that will allow you to grow between 20% and 100%, with a fully digital model in the next 12 months.



Discover the best way for you to build a $10,000,000 business in the next 1-3 years.



Understand why some of the fastest growing multi-million dollar companies today that were not around a few years ago, have grown so rapidly.



Join a fast-growing community of 2500 high level entrepreneur leaders who are connecting together to share resources, funding, team and investments from all around the world.



Get free access to our best digital business training programmes that are helping entrepreneurs to generate $100,000+ per month.


Spaces are limited.
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What’s included when you book a Founders Roundtable Mentoring Session


A Founders Roundtable Mentoring session - Valued at $970

A 90 minute mentoring session with 3 other high level business owners and one of our top mentors, who have set up and generated multi million dollar businesses themselves during the ciris.

During this session you will be able to unblock the biggest challenge or open up the biggest opportunity you have in your business right now, allowing you to see a path to potentially double your results in the next 12 months


A token to take the upgraded 2020 Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics Tests - Valued at $97

Take the World's No.1 Entrepreneur Profiling Tool, now fully shareable, integrated, and mobile-friendly on GeniusU or gift a token to a friend.


Entrepreneur vouchers to use on edupreneur education before September 30, 2021
- Valued at $2,000+

On your Founders Round Table , you will get to jointly decide the best next steps to take to ensure you hit your 2021 goals and you can cash in $2,000 of vouchers against the full price of the next program that is the best for your journey.

These sessions are usually $970 per place but for Scale Up Entrepreneurs who have taken our assessment test, they are free to apply for


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Normal Rate: $970

Who is the Founders Roundtable
mentoring session best for?

If you have an existing business that you are looking to massively scale up in the next 12 months


If you have a great idea and you want to start this business with the potential to be $1M within the first 1-2 years


If you are looking for investment and ways to attract the right top talent to your company


If you know your business could be at least double its size if you just had the right model and mentoring


The Founders Roundtable Experts

You will get to be mentored live, by our key experts, who will assist you in the creation of a fully functioning pathway that has all the ingredients to future proof your digital business. Each faculty member is a proven expert in their field and has hands-on experience in running multi-million dollar digital promotions


- Chief Partnerships Officer/Director Genius Group

Michelle is the Chief Partnerships Officer and Director for Genius Group. A Supporter profile who has been mentoring coaches/trainers/educators and mentors to run successful, high impact, profitable promotions for over 10 years now. Her ability to spot a gap in the market and know instinctively what the customers are wanting, has enabled her to set up and run campaigns resulting in multi millions of dollars over the years, alongside helping partners of Genius Group to also run multi million dollar businesses. Michelle will help you get super clear on your customers needs and how to create a really compelling promotion using your products and services.


- Head Mentor, Crystal Circle Mentoring

Donna is the Head of Mentoring for GeniusU. A Creator Profile, Donna has mentored thousands of Entrepreneurs from a diverse range of industries, to generate multi million dollar plans and then supported them to execute on the delivery with clarity and vision. Her ability to quickly and decisively spot the real problem and generate a real solution ensures you will leave with a clear plan and direction on the best next steps to grow your business.

What people are saying

After concluding Michelle’s programme. WOW! Michelle's drive, clarity on asking the questions and giving the answers in not minutes, in seconds, provides for excellence, go and do it again, till one gets it right directives, learnings and applause. Thank you Michelle for not only being interested, but deeply vested in our success. We increased our sales during your programme by 3.5 times more than we had hoped for. Thank you seems too small, so continuing to be successful, is the next step in saying 'thank you!

- Michelle Booysen

Michelle is a terrific mentor, and has given us a lot: starting with such important moments as the clearer direction of our business, and products. It is absolutely amazing to know Michelle, and I am really grateful for all the knowledge, tools and insights she has shared already. Thank you!

- Lina Armaityte

Wow what an impact Michelle can make on your thought process and promotion plan. She inspires you to look at your business from all sides and determine what is the best course of action for you. She takes pride in your achievements and helps you navigate potential failures. Time spent with Michelle is well worth it, I just wish I had more of it!

- Susan Clark

Donna's integrated and vast expertise in entrepreneurial business strategies and growth positioned her well to be my mentor for the year. Our Business, the By den Weg Group of Companies, is enrolled in Crystal Circle. Her insights, thoughts and pragmatic knowledge allowed her to be always two steps ahead of me, challenging me to reach farther than planned! We unraveled the complexities of the business, designed clearer pathways and now...Getting there Donna: The HP team in place, Cash flow stabilized and private investments and equity established (despite the covidic challenges. Next step = By den Weg Foods SA is set for going digital and global!

- Birgit Andrag

I enjoy Donna so much, she's always full of great ideas and she gets excited about my products which I love too. I attended a full day training with her at entrepreneur resorts in Bali, which was just awesome. She gave me a vision for my business that I just didn't see before which of course got me thinking bigger and left me feeling really energised and excited to move forward. Love your work Donna.

- Moira Ni Ghallachóir

Donna is very knowledgable and very experienced in mentoring. She provides very sensible and logical advice when she provides feedback. We love working with Donna and we truly appreciate her dedication and hard work. We highly recommend her for anyone who could leverage her expertise.

- Pete Felarca

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